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Animal Justice Academy Lunchtime Live
with Lauren Mee
12pm - 1pm

If you're curious about making a career change to animal advocacy or you know someone talented you'd love to see move over to a career in the movement, this is the AJA Lunchtime Live for you.

Lauren Mee from the non-profit Animal Advocacy Careers will join us to talk about the critical shortage of skilled professionals in our movement and the services her organization is offering to try and change that.

We'll also discuss:

  • different career options in the animal advocacy arena and how to tell if they're right for you
  • the career and talent bottlenecks in the movement
  • how to craft your own career plan and the importance of "skilled volunteering and networking"
  • doing some personal headhunting for the movement
  • job opportunity resources

Whether you'd like a career in animal advocacy or you're concerned about strengthening the human resources in our movement, make sure to join us!

*We invite folks to have their video on during this event to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory

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About Lauren Mee: 

Lauren Mee is the co-founder & CEO of Animal Advocacy Careers. Prior to AAC she worked as a consultant helping business with market entry into new countries, market consolidation and highlighting market opportunities. She also volunteered for the Good Food Institute and the Humane League. Since 2019 Lauren transitioned full time into working for a career with purpose and now has the pleasure of advising other people how they can do this too. In her spare time, she also mentors people at Magnify Mentoring, is a strategic advisor to Tälist, the AVA summit, and is on the board of Consulting for Good and the Mission Motor. She is also a proud doggy parent to Tofu, their vegan rescue dog from Romania.

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