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Dealing with the Challenges of Being an Animal Advocate
Coaching Hour with Kimberly Carroll

Being an animal advocate can be so rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming, infuriating, and heart-breaking.

In this Lunchtime Live, Animal Justice Academy Director Kimberly Carroll helps you work through some of these challenges – whether it be compassion fatigue, dealing with conflict, productivity challenges, or burnout.

As a coach for changemakers for 13 years and a long-time activist, Kimberly's developed many tools and approaches to help keep animal advocates healthy, empowered, and effective.

She'll be available to coach you through some of the challenges you’ve been experiencing as someone who cares about animals in this world, and help you with the tools and mindset shifts for staying centered and resilient.

Folks attending live on Zoom will have the option of un-muting and talking things through with her in real-time or just asking their question in the chat. Or here's a Google doc for you to submit a question in advance -- either anonymously or with your name. 

Examples of topics you might bring to the table:

  • how to deal with the pain of being exposed to animal cruelty
  • feeling too overwhelmed or scattered in your work for animals
  • Troubles with family or friends around your veganism
  • the guilt you experience when trying to take care of yourself
  • stressful social media exchanges
  • what to do with the judgement or anger you're feeling
  • how to balance speaking out for animals without scaring people away

*We invite folks to have their video on during this event to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory

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About Kimberly Carroll: 

Kimberly Carroll is a
coach for changemakers, campaigns strategist with Animal Justice and the Animal Justice Academy Director, as well as a director with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank. She helps leaders, activists, healers, and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world with the inner shifts, high-performance habits, and strategies to take their important work to the next level.

As a former television host and producer, Kimberly has brought her extensive media background as a television host and producer and her strategic skills as a coach for changemakers to 12 years of animal rights initiatives. In 1996 Kimberly went vegetarian, and in 2006, she went vegan and became an activist. She co-created the original “Why love one but eat the other?” transit ad campaign that started in Toronto in 2009 and eventually ran nation-wide. She was one of the founders of Mercy For Animals Canada and helped bring the first undercover farmed animal investigations to television. At Animal Justice, she spearheaded Canada’s biggest animal protection billboard campaign ever in support of the Animal Charter, produces their video content, and has helped make the organization a leading voice for animals in Canada. She also helped found the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank which provides cruelty-free, environmentally-conscious, and healthy foods to those living under the poverty line. 

As a coach, Kimberly has worked to help empower hundreds of activists and has counselled those in high-stress activist positions like undercover investigators.