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Conflict & Bridge-Building Tools for Animal Advocates
Animal Justice Academy Lunchtime Live
with Kimberly Carroll
12pm - 1pm

Conflict has been cited as one of the top reasons for animal advocate burnout.

This isn't surprising considering we're getting it from all sides... Most of the population disagrees with our ideology (and some very vehemently), there seems to be endless movement infighting, and we even face opposition from our friends and family!

If handled skillfully, though, conflict can actually become an opportunity for bridge-building and bringing so many more people into this circle of compassion for animals.

In this Animal Justice Academy workshop, our Director Kimberly Carroll puts on her coach for changemakers hat to teach you mindset shifts and tangible tools to help move you out of the destructive states of righteous indignation, shame, judgement, fear, and reactiveness that conflict can cause.

You'll then learn how to use friction as a starting point to create deeper levels of understanding and connection with potential allies… and within yourself.

*We invite folks to have their video on during this event to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory

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About Kimberly Carroll: 

Kimberly Carroll is a coach for changemakers, campaigns strategist with Animal Justice, director of Animal Justice Academy, and a director with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank. With over 14 years as a coach and 20 years as an activist, Kimberly works with mission-driven leaders, social entrepreneurs, and activists on the inner shifts, high-performance habits, and strategies to make them unstoppable. She’s helped empower thousands of activists and counseled those in high-stress positions like undercover investigators. Prior to her current roles in animal advocacy, Kimberly co-created the original “Why love one but eat the other?” multi-year transit ad campaign in Canada and was one of the founders of Mercy For Animals Canada -- helping bring the first undercover farmed animal investigations to television in Canada. She’s also passionate about environmental activism, democratic reform, and amplifying Indigenous and Black voices.

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