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Q&A with Members of Porgreg12 on the Trial Verdict

11 Canadian animal activists were found guilty last week of break and enter and obstruction after their trial in Quebec, and 5 of them will be joining us for this Thursday's AJA Lunchtime Live for a Q&A.

If you don't know the story... In December 2019, a variety of animal advocates (including AJAer Jenny McQueen), dressed in biosecurity suits, entered Porgreg pig farm in St. Hyacinthe, Québec on December 7th, 2019, documented what they saw, sat in front of caged mother pigs, and non-violently refusing to leave when media was denied access to film inside the farm.

What they found recorded at that farm was beyond horrible... 3500 pigs (mostly mothers) confined in cages the size of their own bodies -- living in darkness on concrete in their own filth and the unbearable stench of ammonia. There were pigs suffering from uterine prolapses, pigs living and eating in their own feces, and dead and rotting corpses.

Porgreg12/PigTrial4 members Anne Shaunessy, Natalie Bartosek, Jenny Donovan, Anne Val, and Jenny McQueen will share what motivated each of them to face arrest in order to do this action, stories from the trial, details of the judge's verdict, and where they go from here.

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